Fighting their way up

Well, we're nearly a week past last week's "hell week" of key attack events like the FOMC meeting, COMEX options expiration, and NFP and GDP reports. Well, what do you know, despite TPTB's best efforts - including the "new hail mary" of not trying to QE rates down, but push them up to prevent the "most damning proof yet of QE failure" - rates are nearly down to "post-taper lows" (worldwide), and PMs are fighting their way up. Something clearly must "give" sometime soon; and when it does, you better have protected yourself already.

The world's most important interest rate

With TPTB's pathetic, blatant attempt to hold the world's most important interest rate - the 10 year U.S. Treasury yield - above 2.5%, it's only a matter of time before the entire world recognizes the "most damning proof yet of QE failure" - i.e., plunging rates amidst a propagandized, false "recovery" - ultimately, yielding the Fed's "naked emperor moment," and inevitable PM explosion as confidence in fiat currencies collapse.

The week of hell is nearly over

Well, the week of hell is nearly over - with the Cartel using major "key attack events" like COMEX opex, FOMC, and NFP to attack with all barrels. However, the balance of the economic data has been decidedly weak, and the FOMC decidedly bullish. And oh yeah, both metals held above their 50 and 200 DMAs.

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Well, what did you expect?

Well, what did you expect on a week when COMEX opex was Monday, the FOMC meeting (and 2Q GDP) on Wednesday, and NFP payrolls Friday.

One of the most blatant examples ever

This week has been one of the most blatant examples of naked PM shorting ever, amidst some of the most PM-bullish news ever. Particularly, yesterday's transparent attacks as TPTB pulled out all stops to push the 10-year Treasury yield above 2.5% couldn't be more obvious - as I forensically described in yesterday's AudioBlog, "best laid plans." And what a shock, Monday is COMEX options expiration day - when no doubt, countless $1,300 and $21 options for gold and silver, respectively, were outstanding.

"Something" is likely to give soon.

It's all closing in on TPTB, as Treasury yields are now in freefall assuming global QE to Infinity - sooner rather than later. Moreover, as more info emerges, the odds that the Malaysian plane was NOT shot down by Russia mount, whilst the Israeli war escalates exponentially.

Huffing and Puffing

This week's blatant propaganda scheme is miserably failing; as despite all the Fed's "huffing and puffing" about market overvaluation, (PPT and QE-supported) stocks remain at all time highs, whilst volatility is at all-time lows and Treasury yields are threatening to do the same.

Wow, what a shock! for Whirlybird Janet

Wow, what a shock! Gold and silver attacked on the year's thinnest trading day, one day ahead of the historic "key attack event" of Whirlybird Janet's semi-annual Congressional economic testimony.


Today's list of "horrible headlines" has never been longer - and this, during the so-called "summer doldrums." Middle Eastern violence, plunging economic growth, the default of the largest Portuguese bank, the BOJ preparing to monetize Japanese stocks, and plunging U.S. Treasury yields despite the so-called, eternally propagandized "recovery." Heck, Wal-Mart's CEO said so yesterday, there is NO RECOVERY!