Interview with Peter Spina: Is It Time To Give Up On Silver and Gold?

Chris Marcus, Arcadia Economics
Monday, February 17th

With stocks like Tesla setting new astronomical highs, almost by the day, while gold and silver continue to get pounded by the bullion banks, is it time to finally give up on the precious metals?

If you’ve been invested in gold and silver over the past few years, there’s a good chance that question has entered your mind. Although perhaps that’s why I was so fortunate to have Peter Spina (who runs GoldSeek and SilverSeek) join me on the show to share his always insightful perspective.

In the interview he shared some simple advice about buying low and selling high, which has become a foreign concept in today’s Wall Street mentality. He also shared some of the other lesser well publicized facts that still support why at some point, it’s reasonable to expect gold and silver to one day “go Tesla”.

So if you’re wondering whether to sell your precious metals and load up on techstocks, click to watch the interview before you make any final decisions!

Interview by #ChrisMarcus of #ArcadiaEconomics on February 4, 2020:

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