Chink in the Armor

Ranting Andy
Tuesday, June 26th Comment Wire

Today, the European contagion returned, as “official efforts” to juice markets – and thus, convince investors the Greek elections and FOMC dispatch were “bullish” – have FAILED.  European markets imploded and the Dow fell 136 points, while gold, silver, and the HUI rose.  This week’s “European summit” CANNOT and WILL NOT produce anything remotely constructive, with several nations – particularly, Spain and Italy – requesting bailouts despite no ratified mechanism – such as the European Stability Mechanism, which Germany has yet to approve.  For the fifth time this year, PMs have risen while the Dow materially declined, demonstrating a major “chink in the armor” of TPTB, whom are desperate for investors to believe PMs are not safe havens.  Which of course they are, as they have been for five millenia!


Andrew C. ("Ranting Andy") Hoffman, CFA

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